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A practical leadership course for women who are ready to own their career ambition and step into their full leadership power

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Your challenge: Women leaders are still the minority in organizations. Despite efforts to promote gender equality and the strong business case for gender balanced leadership, women are under-represented in leadership roles. Due to their gender, women leaders face biases, double standards and organizational dynamics which erect barriers to their leadership. This is why we created the Women in Power (WIP) online course: To help women leaders own their career ambition and step into their full leadership power. Furthermore, on the organizational level, WIP provides decision makers with practical solutions to intentionally bring about gender balanced leadership and promote high potential women.

Our solution: Women in Power offers a flexible and safe environment that supports women leaders to step into their full leadership power by overcoming intra-personal, interpersonal and organizational barriers in a community of like-minded women. The course combines rich online content with group and 1-1 coaching in a community of supportive like-minded women.

Navigate the leadership labyrinth with skill and confidence

Step into your leadership power and ambition

Leave behind self-criticism and feel empowered

It's your turn to become a Woman in Power

Being a leader or person of influence involves much more than achieving a leadership position, acquiring new skills and adapting one’s style to the demands of that role. It requires a core identity shift.

To support this identity shift and help you step into your full leadership power, we will explore intra-personal, interpersonal and organizational barriers to women’s advancement and leadership traction. You will learn practical solutions and tools that will allow you to overcome these limiting barriers and influence your organization towards gender balanced leadership.

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Michaela and Lela have coached and supported 100s of women leaders to advance their career and navigate difficult situations they face at work due to their gender. Having walked the leadership labyrinth themselves, they have firsthand experience of the headwinds and tailwinds for women’s leadership. The toolbox Michaela and Lela have put together for this course combines more than two decades of client experience with robust organizational behavior and gender research findings. Drawing on their extensive work in business, leadership development and higher education, they have designed an inspiring and engaging learning experience for women to help them realize their leadership ambition and get the support they need to do so.

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What is this course about?

5 online modules delivered over 5 weeks combined with 3 live practice sessions and 1-1 coaching support help you build the practical skills to become a Woman in Power

Course Introduction

Learn how to create behavioural shifts and use introductions to set the stage for yourself and other women to amplify one another.

Interpersonal Barriers

Understand how biases, gender stereotypes and organizational barriers hold women back and learn how to overcome them.

Women Rising

Explore dynamics that keep women from stepping into their full leadership power and learn to apply power confidently and strategically.

Stepping into Your Leadership Power

Become familiar with the drivers of influence to build and leverage relationships in service of your goals.

Champions of Change

Learn the business case for gender balanced leadership and how you can influence your organization to be part of the solution.

Become a Woman in Power

Becoming a Woman in Power is an intentional choice. Make this choice and join a group of like-minded women leaders on this powerful and exhilarating journey.

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Learn how to own your career ambition and step into your full leadership power in only 15 hours

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  • 16 mini-lectures over five modules focused on navigating power, influence and gender dynamics
  • Six case studies on how to overcome disempowering situations as a woman leader
  • Three live 2-hour Zoom sessions with Michaela and Lela and a cohort of like-minded women designed to help you make the core identity shift towards being a Woman in Power
  • One 30-minute individual coaching session with Michaela or Lela to address your specific leadership challenge
  • Interactive technology that makes online learning fun and effective
  • Optional reading material for those who wish to dive deeper
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Kick Off Session: Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 at 4-6 pm CET (Zoom)

Module 1 Release: Monday, September 11th, 2023

Group Session 2: Friday, September 22nd, 2023 at 1:30-3:30 pm CET (Zoom)

Group Session 3: Thursday, October 19th, 2023 at 2-4 pm CET (Zoom)

If you enroll after September 4th, 2023 you will automatically be assigned to the next cohort.

To create strong ties during our Zoom sessions each cohort is limited to 18 participants.

We will work in the order of the sign ups received. Once the cohort is filled, we will move you to one of the next available cohorts that matches your availability.


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