Resilience Two

Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times

5 Weeks to Advanced Relational and Team Resilience


Course Description

In this course, we will build off the foundational learnings from our Resilience One and focus on building relational and team resilience as crucial leadership skills during these times of uncertainty and disruption.

Prerequisite: Completion of Resilience One

Course structure: We combine five weekly modules of relevant and timely lecture content with ample time to apply and practice the skills in our weekly Resilience Hour.

In this program you will gain:

  • A deep understanding of your own personal survival triggers and how you can manage them for better interpersonal results, good decision making and leadership success.
  • An advanced ability to lead teams for resilience, helping others anchor and regulate and work together under stress and duress.

The program runs for 5 consecutive weeks and follows a flipped classroom model where you review the content in your own time before each practice session. The program consists of three elements:

  1. Content portion: 5 virtual modules of 40-60 min lecture content released each week for you to complete before each Resilience Hour.
  2. Practice portion: Weekly Resilience Hour with your cohort to apply your learning from the Module and practice and deepen the skills. This is the core of the course.
  3. Closing session: 4-6 weeks after module 5 we will come together for one final extended 90-minute Resilience Hour to review progress, answer any questions and anchor the learning.

About Your Instructor

Lela Djakovic is the founder and CEO at EQED, a Silicon Valley advisory firm focused on designing high performing teams and building emotional intelligence (EQ) and resilience skills to enhance business performance.

Lela takes an emotionally focused and brain-based approach in her work. She is always searching for the fastest and most effective ways to build resilience and engineer lasting behavioral change, which guided her in the design of this course. Her specialties include coaching executives to increase leadership effectiveness and team performance, working with leaders to build resilience in themselves and their teams, and helping executive teams optimize team dynamics and engage effectively in high stakes conversations.

Lela facilitates the most popular elective at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Interpersonal Dynamics (aka Touchy Feely). She also coaches within their Executive Education Program, develops women’s circle facilitators for their Women in Management Program, and delivers equine leadership programs at the Stanford Red Barn. Lela co-founded three other ventures in finance, banking software, and cosmetics. Previously, she worked in leveraged finance and was a credit and commodity derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs in London.

Originally from Germany, she brings a mix of US and international perspectives as she has lived and worked in many different cultures throughout her career. Learning is important to Lela. She likes to work with leaders who also regard their own development as a key element in their career and seek exponential rather than incremental change. 

Lela holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Durham, England.